Body Ecology U

Quick Start Workshop

Tune in to hear Body Ecology founder Donna Gates as she lectures on the core foundations of the Body Ecology diet and lifestyle from a recent training in Australia.

Quick Start Workshop

Live Lecture Series

Only $97

This is a rare opportunity to hear directly from Donna on her latest health and diet protocols, based on over 25 years of research and knowledge.  In this 6-part series, you get over five hours of Donna’s expertise on digestive health and nutrition.

You will learn:

  • The 7 principles of the Body Ecology Diet and why this holistic approach can mean optimal health for you
  •  How BE compares to other diets and why many do not work for most people
  •  Why fixing your gut is so critical to sustainable health
  •  How diet can cure candida and other chronic conditions
  • How to get started on the BE Diet and begin to transform your health
  •  The importance of cleansing and why it may be the key to your health

You will also receive these Course Materials:

  • PDF of all Presentation Slides
  • The Body Ecology Diet Blueprint
  • The Body Ecology Plate
  • An Infographic of the Body Ecology 7 Universal Principles