The Antiviral Protocol

How to AVOID (or Overcome) the Effects of Viruses (Myths and Truths & What to DO About Viral Infections)

Did you know that A VIRUS may be behind MANY confusing or mysterious health issues you may be facing?

Did you know that A VIRUS may be behind MANY confusing or mysterious health issues you may be facing???

This course is about removing VIRAL LOAD from your body - and knowing how to avoid viruses, like the flu!

Influenza (the Flu), Common Cold / Rhinoviruses, Chickenpox, EBV/Mono, Hepatitis A/B/C, Herpes, HIV, MMR and Smallpox, MS, Parvovirus, Rotavirus, Shingles, Varicella, Viral Meningitis/Encephalitis, Ebola (EVD)
What IF you could create strong, healthy foundation to avoid or help you deal with other serious illnesses, like cancer, autoimmune diseases and even general health obstacles!*

Important Facts to Know:

  • Canadian researchers confirmed in 2009 that one virus particle can be enough to cause infectious disease.1
  • Some autoimmune diseases, including the rare condition myasthenia characterized by muscular weakness and exhaustion, are thought to have a viral root.2
  • In 2013, Swedish researchers found a new link between the chronic inflammatory intestinal disorder Crohn’s disease and the occurrence of a common enterovirus in children’s guts.3
  • Even high blood pressure may be caused by a common viral infection, in some cases.4
  • An estimated 15 percent of all human cancers can be traced back to viruses.5
We’ve designed The Body Ecology Antiviral Protocol to help support your body’s natural healing process as it recovers from a viral infection, no matter how big or how small.
If your health is struggling, you may benefit from using our Antiviral Protocol, which includes our antiviral product package and short-term cleansing diet:
  • To remedy any systemic infections.
  • To alleviate general health concerns.
  • To address the first signs of a viral infection coming on, like a cold.
  • To relieve low-grade chronic viral infections, i.e., chickenpox, shingles and mononucleosis.
  • To help reestablish the inner ecosystem and aid in healthy digestion.
  • To support the body during an elimination diet as you identify food triggers.
  • To assist natural detoxification pathways and help cleanse toxins.
  • To help manage and support healing in cases of more serious illness.

In our exclusive Antiviral Protocol Plus, created just for people like you who can’t seem to overcome the effects of a virus, you’ll find these nourishing products:

  • Ancient Earth Minerals Liquid

    A potent mineral blend in liquid form, designed to help build immunity and detoxify. Take 3 droppers in the morning and 3 droppers in the evening, without regard to meals. Add to your water or tea to sip on throughout the day.

  • Digestive Care Multi

    Cleanse, alkalize, strengthen immunity, and improve digestion with this powerful blend of probiotics, digestive enzymes, and minerals.

  • Vitality SuperGreen

    A tasty, refreshing, and highly nutritious fermented green drink, intended to strengthen immunity and uphold energy levels throughout the day. Take at approximately 7:00 AM and 2:00 PM; can be mixed with pea protein and Stevia. Mix in a shaker cup and take it to sip on the way to work. Vitality SuperGreen can also be enjoyed in the afternoon for a pick-me-up if energy begins to fade.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
For citations of studies and research to support the above information, please click here.

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